It's Time To Get Funded!

Global DONORS are seeking credible NGOs in developing countries to fund for the purpose of helping the helpless.

Who We Are

MS4A is a social enterprise that provides services to start-up NGOs on new business development and resource mobilization, project management and proposal development, linking NGOs to donor grants and facilitating NGO start-up.

Our Vision

To develop the capacity of a group of credible NGOs in Africa, to be able to access funds and resources to provide care and support for vulnerable groups in our society.

Our Mission

To help NGOs in Africa develop organizational management structure, procedures and policies to international standards and to gain mastery of resource mobilization, particularly proposal writing skills, to access millions of donor funds to help the vulnerable groups in society.

Our Goal

To harness hidden talent and gifts of NGOs in Africa through training Start-up NGOs and Management to meet international donor standards and resource mobilization (proposal writing) to access funding to pursue our passion for helping vulnerable groups in society.


Stronger NGOs, more funds for vulnerable groups

We at MS4A from experience have learned that individuals learn better by practical on the job training rather than sitting in a classroom to be taught theory. Therefore we are offering a unique opportunity, at an affordable price, for NGOs or those that want to set up an NGO or gain mastery in proposal writing skills to join our NGO as an apprentice student.