Available Courses/Modules

There are three categories of training existing in our NGO Training and Resource Centre (NGO School).

  1. Learning by doing: Apprenticeship, on-the-job placements training and mentorship

We at MS4A from experience have learned that individuals learn better by practical on the job training rather than sitting in a classroom to be taught theory. Therefore we are offering a unique opportunity, at an affordable price, for NGOs or those that want to set up an NGO or gain mastery in proposal writing skills to join our NGO as an apprentice student.

NGO owners and their staff will have the opportunity to participate in the workings of an experienced NGO, whose leadership has experience accessing over $40 million dollars in funds through grants from international donors, through apprenticeship, on the job placements training and mentorship.

For detailed information please send inquiries to info@ms4africa.com or call our ‘information desk’ direct line (24 hours), 0903-781-0219; – Alternative lines; 0903-781-0215; 0903-781-1024

  1. The classroom setting training

The following modules are available.

Module 1 How to Set up a credible NGO
Module 2 Development of Organizational Policies
Module 3 Financial Management for NGOs to meet international funding requirements
Module 4 Setting up Internal controls to meet international donor requirements to be awarded large funds of over $1million
Module 5 How to write winning proposals to access funds from  International donors
Module 6 How to set up an NGO’s Resource centre for resource mobilization in a University to support research & development
Module 7 Developing a Proposal Budget
Module 8 How to develop a ‘Theory of Change’
Module 9 How to develop a ‘Value for Money Concept’ – a new donor requirement, especially for UK-AID & DFID call for proposals
Module 10 Developing a communication strategy for resource Mobilization
Module 11    Fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
Module 12  Understanding Quality Improvement (QI)
Module 13 Understanding Gender
Module 14 How to set up a separate NGO arm for your business to support your corporate social responsibility (CRS)
Module 15 How to set up a separate NGO arm for your church to support your overwhelming welfare needs
Module 16 Program Design, management and standard report writing for international donors


Course Fee:          

Each course module is priced separately. The cost of each course module is designed to allow for individualized and

tailored-made training. For the price of each module contact  us.

  1. NGO School partnership with Donors and International NGOs to customize training courses for grantees, sub-grantees and or local NGOs in general

If you have a group of local NGOs which you have given direct grants or sub-grants and you have concerns about their capacity to deliver your work. Our NGO School can help you develop their capacity. Our NGO School can partner with you to customize training modules and organize on the job placements, to understudy and experience an apprenticeship style learning session; hands-on learning by doing for staff.

We assure you that this will go a long way in improving their performance and their level of compliance; especially when they can learn from another local NGO which has been in the same position they have been. We can share with them our lessons learned and what we did to go from managing small grants of $6,000 per annum to managing millions of US$1.7m dollars in direct grants per annum in 2016.

Venue of the training:

NGO Training and Resource Centre (NGO School)
110 Pent City Estate, Lokogoma District, Abuja

Application Procedures

Interested applicants should send an email requesting an application form to info@ms4africa.com. You can also call or text 0903-781-0219, 0903-781-0215, 0903-781-1024. Applications will be accepted on a rolling and first-come-first-serve basis.