About MS4A

MS4A is a social enterprise that provides services to start-up NGOs on new business development and resource mobilization, project management and proposal development, linking NGOs to donor grants and facilitating NGO start-up.

New Business Development; MS4A has experience coordinating all activities within the development of new business, development of systems for forecasting opportunities and setting up ‘go or no go’ criteria,  strategic planning, new business brokering (setting up new business meetings), partner coordinating i.e. identifying potential local partners, technical partners for subs or prim on proposal, negotiating proposal teaming agreements, identifying organization priorities, development of business plans, budget and contract negotiation and finalization with donors such as United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and European Commission.

Proposal Development and Writing; MS4A tracks proposal opportunities, responds to requests for 2-5 page concept papers and proposals from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID),the U.S. Department of State, European Union, private foundations and other agencies, supporting proposal development teams, strong writing skills, attention to detail and ability to multi-task, assisting in proposal design, drafting sections of proposals, supporting proposal production, writing new marketing material for print and web, publication, experience working with USAID contractors or non-profits.

Developing Cost proposal; MS4A have expertise in developing proposal budgets for international NGOs for USAID funded opportunities. MS4A consulting firm have an in-depth understanding of PEPFAR forward funding requirements and program reporting according to different funding sources.

Development of Public-Private Partnership; MS4A has expertise in developing a partnership between private and non-for-profit NGOs for the purpose of applying for donor funds and also implementing international donor funded project.