NGO School



Stronger NGOs, more funds for vulnerable groups


To develop the capacity of a group of credible NGOs in Africa, to be able to access funds and resources to provide care and support for vulnerable groups in our society.


To help NGOs in Africa develop organizational management structure, procedures and policies to international standards and to gain mastery of resource mobilization, particularly proposal writing skills, to access millions of donor funds to help the vulnerable groups in society.


To harness hidden talent and gifts of NGOs in Africa through training Start-up NGOs and Management to meet international donor standards and resource mobilization (proposal writing) to access funding to pursue our passion for helping vulnerable groups in society.



Do you know many philanthropic individuals and international donors overseas and in Africa are looking for credible NGOs in developing countries to fund for the purpose of helping the helpless?

Do you have a passion for helping the less privilege and the vulnerable in society? Are you already doing charity work, but you want to access donor funds to do more?

Do you know possessing the ability and skill to write good proposals and win grants can help you access funds to support your passion for helping the less privileged?

Do you know, if you own a church, ministry or a business such as a construction company, hair salon, fast-food restaurant, supermarket, hospital, school, telecommunications company, hotel, commercial bank, airline, real estate developers, shipping company, oil and gas industry, petrol station, manufacturer, there are international and local donors that can partner with you to support your Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) efforts to give back to the communities, customers, clients and people that support your business?

Do you know some ministries, churches have opened a credible NGO arm that is receiving millions of dollars to support the welfare needs of their poorer members and communities where their churches/ministries are located? However, the NGO arm is separate from the church and structured in a way that suits the international donor financial reporting requirement?

Do you have an NGO with staff, but the staff lack the required skills and experience in resource mobilization, proposal writing, program design, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), developing proposal budgets, reporting to donors, managing internal controls, carrying out programs for vulnerable groups, developing communication plans and managing finances to meet international donor requirement? Our NGO School can train your staff in these areas and more.

Do you know you can send your staff to undergo an apprenticeship with our NGO School? Your staff can be placed within our offices to understudy and receive mentorship for a period of month(s) to 1 year in an area where you need help, such as Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Finance and Internal controls, so the staff can receive practical on the job mentoring, i.e. ‘learning by doing’. Your staff member can come back to your organization to put into practice what he/she has learned?

Do you work for an international NGO and you would like to set up your own local NGO to put into practice your development experience to help vulnerable groups?

Are you an African in diaspora, living in America, London UK, or elsewhere and you would like to set up an NGO to access funds to come back home to help your people and vulnerable groups?

Do you know, you can access these funds from international and local donors by setting up a credible NGO arm of your, University, School, Government, business or even church; by learning how to write competitive and strong proposals?

Do you know that because of many Universities, Schools, Government, Businesses and NGOs lack the NGOs management and proposal writing skills, a lot of funds earmarked for Africa mostly end up being diverted to Asia, US and Europe or even returned to the donor country?

Do you want to set up a credible NGO, or strengthen your existing one and gain the ability to write competitive proposals to win grants from international and local donors to help you access funds to support the less privileged and vulnerable groups in society?


Yes, are you a Donor, such as (USAID, DFID, EU or a Private Foundation) or an International NGO that has awarded sub-grants to local NGOs, and you have concerns about the weak capacity of your sub-grantees or local NGOs in general? We are available to partner with you to organize customized training courses to help develop your grantees or sub-grantee’s capacity in areas that they have gaps. Our NGO School can organize training courses to strengthen them to do better work.

Do you know that one of the concerns donors and International NGOs have about giving larger direct grants and sub-grants to local NGOs; is that most local NGOs have weak or no internal controls; as a result Donors and International NGOs are not comfortable about giving a local NGO a large grant of over $500,000 to $1million per annum, as they see it as too much of a risk. Our NGO School can help train your grantees and sub-grantees on how to set up internal controls to conduct pre and post-financial review of all transactions to ensure that they are compliant with their policies and procedures and Donor rules and regulations.

‘Enrol in our NGO Training and Resource Centre (NGO School) in Abuja today’.

Who Can Attend?

  • Individuals who work for an international NGO who would like to set up their own local NGO
  • Staff of local NGOs that have a grant from a Donor and they would like to develop skills to deliver better quality work for their donor
  • Owners and the staff of NGOs that need improved skills in proposal writing, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), finance, programming and internal controls etc
  • Owners of private businesses who want to set up an NGO arm of their businesses to focus on giving back to their clients, customers and local  community
  • Owners of private businesses engaged in charity work who want to expand their charity work further
  • Owners of registered NGOs with CAC but have never received a grant from international or local donors
  • Individuals currently helping the less privilege but want to do more
  • Owners of registered NGOs already functioning but are having challenges with resource mobilization
  • Individuals currently working with NGOs but not able to develop winning proposal
  • Pastors, Pastors wives and church leaders with a passion for helping the helpless through grant making
  • Universities interested in setting up an NGO arm to access funds for research & development; so as not to depend solely on government funding.
  • Unemployed graduates ready to enhance their employable status
  • NGOs whose funding stream is dwindling
  • NGO workers in charge of fundraising for organization
  • Persons with raw skills that needs to be refined
  • Proposal development trainers willing to  update their skills
  • Young secondary school leavers aspiring to develop and become skilled in proposal writing

What are the benefits?

  • You will gain the required skills and access resources to set up your own NGO.
  • You will have an opportunity to learn from an experienced NGO and your staff will have a place to receive on the job practical training with a mentor to help them grow.
  • You will have access to successful proposals that have been funded by donors.
  • You will be trained on how to write winning proposals and we will be on hand to help guide your staff, step by step, to practically write winning and competitive proposals.
  • You will be assigned to an experienced proposal writer to be mentored by.
  • You can bring your proposal to our school and we will help you write and submit a more competitive proposal to access funds.
  • You will be given a comprehensive database of current donors including their areas of interest.
  • You will have resource materials to provide you with references for proposal writing.
  • We will link you to possible NGOs looking for proposal writers
  • You will be able to understudy to receive hands-on mentoring on how to set up and structure your NGO in a way that meets international standards for donors to give you money.